To make a secure online financial contribution, please click the Donate button below to be taken to PayPal.
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To make a financial contribution by mail, please send a cheque made out to:

Social Credit Calgary Klein CA

Please mail your cheque to:


12 Spruce Ctr SW

Calgary, AB T3C 3B3

Thank you for supporting the Alberta Social Credit Party!

Please note that contributions can only be accepted from residents of Alberta and corporations that are registered to do business in Alberta.

For a donation of $200.00, you will receive a tax credit of $150.00, making your total cost $50.00. That’s a 75% refund. A great way to help out a political party that is committed to social conservative values in Alberta.

ContributionTax CreditActual Cost

The maximum allowable tax credit is $1000.00 and the maximum allowable donation to a political party in Alberta is $15,000.00.

NOTE: Contributions over $375.00 are made public by the Chief Electoral Officer.

Un-incorporated groups, which might include lawyers and accountants, must have receipts issued in the names of individuals or partners.

Thank you!